Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants : outfit for all occasions

Pants are the second-most important piece of clothing that women are critical in choosing. Pants, just like any other piece of clothing, should embody not only our craving for fashion, but our sense of utility for it as well.

Pants should always match our body shape. So you should not choose the pant which is too tight for your waist size.

For women with a little bit healthy curve, jeans specially the skinny ones are perfect. But for plus sized women, these are not. They should opt for cargo pants. In fact, cargo pants are the outfit that every women – irrespective of shape, can wear. It is a new fashion statement.

These cargo pants are perfect for any casual outing, with family or friends and of course dating. Women can wear their cargoes with almost anything and enjoy the outing.

For plus sized women, who are not so comfortable in wearing  slim fit jeans, cargo pants are ideal options. These pants never make them feel uncomfortable.

Now-a-days,  women are seen wearing cargoes not only to informal events but also to formal events. You  as a young woman can wear your cargoes to your office or when you visit your friends.

Since they are comfortable you will not feel uneasy wearing them. Here are a few tips that will help you dress up in your favorite pair of cargo pants

While  wearing  cargoes it is a good idea to roll the bottoms to show-off the gorgeous pair of sandals that you are wearing. You can wear a pretty floral top to match the casual look of your cargoes. If you are planning to wear a pair of slim cargo pants you can wear a pair of high heels to give you the perfect look of Saturday night party.

If you are planning to wear your favorite cargo to your office on a casual Friday, you can wear white formal top to match your cargoes. You can also wear a pair of wingtip oxford to complement your dress. To complete the look you can wear a pair of simple gold earrings and a thin belt to complete the formal look.

To stand out in the crowd, you can wear your favorite cargo with a fitted black t-shirt, black ballet flats or black heels and a thin belt – this will give a unique but smart look. You can make your look classier by getting a cute purse and pair chandelier earrings. Cargo pants for women are versatile as well as comfortable.

So keep the jeans in your cupboard for the time being and try these cargo pants for your outing. This will give a casual yet classic look.